- FishFrame only supports exchange format No. 296 published July 2009:
Definition of Standard Data-Exchange Format for Sampling, Landing, and Effort Data from Commercial Fisheries. Display format
- Make sure the file is properly named. The last two letters of the file name must conform to a Regional Database FishFrame data type i.e. CS, CL or CE. The extension of the file defines the file format (CSV, XML or ZIP). Notice that ZIP-files also should follow the naming conventions. An example of a correctly named file could be "DNK_2007_Market_DIS_CS.csv".
- Make sure the file is only of CSV, XML or ZIP format. NOTE: ZIP files must only contain one CSV or XML file.
- Make sure CSV files only use supported delimeters (either semicolon or comma). The decimal separator should be comma when delimiter is semicolon and a point when delimiter is a comma.